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In 2 months I have moved twice.

“Roll up. I don’t where you’re going. You can take hygiene things and clothes. Be ready in an hour.”

This is what I was told one morning. I had just finished breakfast. Two months later I have ended up in another county jail with my Bible and my body wash. All of my personal clothes besides my socks were taken from me. For one reason or another, the transport officers did not approve of what I had obtained in Daggett County Jail. Whether it was my sweatshirt being too dark or my boxers not being white, they had to go. The rules have changed and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Times like these, starkly remind me I am an inmate. Whether I like it or not there are powers above me that do whatever they want with my life.

I bear these things with patience and remind myself that material things are just that – material. The truly valuable resources I have can never be taken away from me!

My knowledge.

My love for my family.

My faith in God.

These things I can always share but they will never diminish no matter how many times I use them. If anything, the more I share them, the more they grow.

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