• An Unlikely Inmate

    Served a 5 Year Utah State Prison Sentence.

    Now Looking Forward to Running and Exploring Life

    3 1/2 Years Behind Bars

    An infinity of possiblity afterward

  • My Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Matthew was 23 years old when he served a 5 year prison sentence. Matthew writes to share his thoughts, his poems, and well because he likes to write.

    How This Blog Is Created

    Matthew was sentenced to a 0-5 year prison sentence. He does did not have access to a typewriter, computer or the internet. Matthew wrote his blog posts by hand and then mailed them to his mother who published them online. Due to the delay in mail service at prisons, there can be a delay between the date Matthew writes a post and the date it is posted (the blog post date is the date he wrote it). 

  • Previous Chapters

    Shamrock Marathon

    Running his 2nd marathon!

    4 years on the High School Cross Country Team

    I was on the Cross Country Team all four years. These were our team t-shirts. I was known for inspiring and motivating our team members with "it's a Barney Party!".

    Humbolt Half Marathon

    1st Place in his age group

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